Light Up A Life Radiates Light, Kindness And Hope On A Winter’s Eve In Harolds Cross

Our Lady's Hospice Harolds Cross

Our Lady’s Hospice
Harolds Cross

Our Lady’s Hospice in Harolds Cross, Dublin is a very special place.

In December every year, they hold ‘Light Up A Life Day’  when the lights on the huge Christmas Tree are switched on.

An open air concert is held and people come to light a candle and sponsor a light on the tree in memory of deceased relatives and friends.

This year over eight thousand attended.

I wrote this article for the Hospice Newsletter. Continue reading

Santa’s Customer Care Department Receives A Letter

Customer Care Image

Dear Santa

Businesses in the Services Sector, whether Local, or Worldwide Brands, like Santa Claus Inc., must always remain acutely focused on the Customer.

And by Focused, I mean actually LISTENING  to what the Customer is saying and acting on what THEY want  …

And not on what YOU think they want, deserve or need. Continue reading

The ‘FIGHTING IRISH’ Business Community Must Now Show They Have The Right Stuff

Colours of Ireland

Colours of Ireland

The noble but ill-fated turkey that graced my Christmas dinner table was  looking forward to Christmas more than most Irish Businesspeople are looking forward to the New year.

Never in the field of Irish Business have So Many been So Depressed about So Much. Continue reading

The Customer Must ALWAYS Be The APPLE Of Your Eye … Even For Steve Jobs

Customer Care Comes First

Customer Care Comes First

The Blogosphere was buzzing with an interaction between the illustrious CEO of APPLE, Steve Jobs and a Customer.  First, I would like you to read the article below by Lucy Kellaway from The Irish Times website to get the background  ..  and then I will give you my take on the episode and see if we can learn from it and  use it to benefit the small business owner. Continue reading